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Behind The Lens ~ MsPhotoShooter


Thank you for stopping by to read my blog!   Let me tell you a little about myself; as I am sure we will have much in common.   I’m an adventurous, enlightened, grateful, spiritual, and positive person who’s  focused on trying to live every moment to the fullest. I love the smell of lavender, a warm cup of tea, sitting by the campfire sharing stories, reading, meditation and being authentic.  I love all things related to photography and capturing life as art.

My name is Maria, but I’m also called “Nonna”  (Italian for grandmother).   I share my photography under the brand of “MsPhotoShooter’s Adventures”.  I’m blessed  with an amazing soul mate (Jean-Louis) to whom I share this amazing journey.  I have two beautiful and successful adult children (Brandon & Courtney) who both serve our country in the United States Navy; and two perfect grandchildren (Elijah and Teresa).  My life and my heart really blossomed when I became a Nonna, as they are a constant reminder for me to not take any day for granted and that the tiniest of detail is something to be treasured.

Gratitude has changed the way I view the world.  I adore finding beauty in unexpected places and things.  I try to show up and be present everyday to explore all that God has bestowed upon me.  I love telling stories through gorgeous imagery.  I spend a luxurious amount of time musing over experiences and trying to capture my thoughts and feelings photographically to preserve my memories for the future generations.

I’m a self-taught, natural light photographer based out of Southern California.  This blog is created in love with the goal of sharing my work with like-minded people to help inspire other to follow their dreams as well.

Please join me on this amazing journey.  Please leave your blog name/address in your comments so I too can follow you for inspiration.

In Light and Love,
T (1 of 1)
Teresa smile 10.26
 Elijah 7 yrs old 10.26.14

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  1. Hi Maria! I popped over here after receiving your very sweet comment on my blog and just spent a lot of time browsing back through your adventures! My boys, of course, thought that elk was the COOLEST! 😉 I love all of your landscape images and am so glad you venture out and see such gorgeous sights! Blessings to you and your beautiful family, and thank you again for sharing your morning with me! ❤

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